The most influential European leagues

Football is the most lucrative sport in the world, and the following leagues are amongst the richest.

The most watched division in the world is the English top division, which many people suggest is the most competitive as well; this competitiveness explains why the league is so renowned in nations on the other side of the world. So not only is the English league the most popular domestic league in Europe, but also the world. Such huge appeal makes the division an eye-catching sponsorship opportunity for the most significant firms, which is why the Barclays executives have made the plan to sponsor the league for so many years. A number of the most popular players in the world play in England, so it produces plenty of talking points for supporters, which means the sponsors of the league are likewise spoken about, making it an effective sponsorship prospect. The league has the biggest t.v. deal in the world, so the clubs and every person concerned receive a cut of the huge pay out from the TV package; the deal is so important because the division has a few of the greatest European football clubs.

Italy has been among the most successful national teams ever, and the domestic league is no different. The league has been among the most watched competitions since football began to be televised abroad, and this was especially true in the 90’s when the league was the most prominent in the world. Having the worlds top rated footballers helps to promote the division across the world, and with the introduction of possibly the best pro of all time, this has never been more pertinent. As the division is so watched and renowned it has led the Telecom Italia board to sponsor the division; with such great viewership, it is an efficient way of marketing the company and brand. As the sponsorship is long-term, the firm becomes synonymous with the league and makes the brand nearly a household name.

Spanish soccer has been the dominating force for the last ten years or so, and because of this their domestic division has been really prominent. The leading two club clubs in Spain draw in some the largest crowds and t.v. audiences of any sports clubs. One of the Spanish teams has been the best team in Europe in terms of the top European division, which is the most observed club cup competition. Spanish soccer dominance was not restricted just to the club competitions, as the Spanish national team likewise won 3 international championships in a row not too long ago. Being a Spanish bank, it was a natural and beneficial step for the Santander board to sponsor the Spanish top league. Some people criticise the league for being far too top heavy, where the top three or four clubs are far better than the rest of the league, however that is expected when the leading teams are as good as they are.

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